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  • You are the boss
    & you have great business idea's
    You recruit staff to work on your idea's

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We will work for you from a remote location on a full time basis at a fraction of the local market price.

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What We Offer

Customer Services

We are bespoke worker providing you a full time worker who will take customers calls, emails & answers their questions, addresses their concerns, and solves their problems, etc., and submits detailed reports on such activities to the client.

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Hire a worker to design products, company banners, flyers, brochure, website, and other adverts (digitally) which attract customers and help to grow business.

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Nowadays E-commerce business has become fastest growing and opportunity for sellers' advancement. There are various online platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Etsy & etc. for selling things but these sites need to manage regularly. You can get your e-commerce shops managed easily by hiring talented bespoke worker who will work on your instruction & remove your burden.

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Wages in India are significantly less then western countries. So why pay a western employee when an Indian worker can do the same job for much less. Corporate companies all have Indian offices so why cannot small to medium size companies not take advantage of the same.

India's secret.

Get your lower cost worker.

Bespoke worker has the ability to listen and learn any training you provide will be easily understood. Thereafter you can be free from daily tasks and concentrate of developing and growing your business.

free yourself from daily tasks & give the responsibilities to your new low cost employee.

Bespoke workers have been working for e-commerce websites and other tasks.

and build great relations with clients

Its easy operating a bespoke worker

You give job/work to your hired workers. They get into the work. You can write & ask to your worker easily through skype/whatsapp/email or other instant message services within working hours.

How does bespoke worker management know that you are happy with the work being done.
Our manager always monitor & keep an eye on workers and thier requirements.
If you are unsatisfy with the worker's work or actions let us know by emailing us we will replace the worker for you.

Bespoke worker ltd.

Finds you a bespoke worker according to your requirements.

Provides appropriate office space.

Provides computer & fast internet access.

Monitors the worker is present at the required time.

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